Jul 22 - 2020


The 4th edition of Heritage Space invites all interested parties to apply with their creative ideas which will preserve, promote and revive cultural heritage through creative industry.

Heritage Space perceives cultural heritage as alive, dynamic and able to influence and be influenced. As a platform, it offers space for creative people to use cultural heritage as a source of inspiration to develop new products using various cultural mediums and disciplines.

Heritage Space will enable cultural heritage to connect with people and become part of their contemporary life as well as remain as an irreplaceable resource for cultural, social and economic development in Kosovo.

This year’s edition tends to showcase projects that use heritage as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a more open and inclusive society while promoting our collective identity.

Heritage Space project is implemented by CHwB Kosovo. The project activity is jointly funded by the UNDP-implemented, European Union-financed’ Inter-Community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation’ project and the Swedish Government.

This year’s edition will support ideas which intertwine cultural heritage with:

  • Storytelling & Interpretation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Digital Heritage

For more information about the supported creative fields of the fourth edition of Heritage Space read: Application creative fields!

For more information about on how to apply read the Application Guideline and complete the Application Form!

The application form, together with other required documents can be submitted no later than May 31 2019 (time23:59) via email: [email protected]

For any additional information regarding Heritage Space IV, please contact us at [email protected] or phone number: +38344665472 / +381 (0)38 754 866

What is Heritage Space?

During the three years of the project, the platform of Heritage Space has supported 21 creative individuals from various fields as they used their spark to shine a new light to creations from the past. Works were created using the mediums of fashion, technology, music, storytelling, video, craft, adaptive reuse etc., allowing cultural heritage to be viewed through a new and contemporary approach. It enables members and artists of different creative fields to use cultural heritage as a source of inspiration and to create new works through which cultural heritage can transcend the limitations of time and can be reinvented, promoted and revived. Heritage space acknowledges that creative manifestations of the past, both in tangible and intangible forms, can be inexhaustible sources of inspiration for new creations while enabling a more open and inclusive society and serving as foundations for historical identity and social cohesiveness at the same time. It creates new connections between creators, society, and heritage, and elevates cultural heritage to the status of an irreplaceable well for economic, social and cultural development in Kosovo.

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