Jun 15 - 2023


CHwB Kosovo invites professionals in the fields of arts and culture, creative industries, and cultural heritage to apply for the seventh edition of the Heritage Space Platform!

The platform provides an opportunity to work in the preservation of cultural heritage through research, documentation, and interpretation. Through PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP, financial and technical support, the platform encourages innovative and unconventional approaches which may involve the use of technology, engagement strategies and critical theoretical frameworks in dealing with cultural heritage topics.

Heritage Space VII will support the following THEMES:

  1. Archiving Discontinuities
  2. Heritage of Crises
  3. Storytelling & Interpretation

Application deadline: May 28, 2023

Selection and interviews: June 2023

Duration of project implementation: June 2023 – February 2024

Public presentations: March 2024 – October 2024

For more information about Heritage Space VII, the application criteria and how to apply read the APPLICATION GUIDELINE.

To apply, complete the APPLICATION FORMThe application form, together with other required documents should be submitted no later than May 28, 2023 (time 23:59) via email to: [email protected]

For any additional information please check our social media pages CHwB Kosova or contact us at [email protected] , before 15th of May 2023.

About Heritage Space Platform

Initiated in 2016 by CHwB Kosovo, Heritage Space (HS) is a platform that engages with the processes of meaning- and value-creation in the field of heritage. HS invites researchers and cultural practitioners to preserve cultural heritage using interdisciplinary approaches such as written research, creative fiction and non-fiction, contemporary art, film-making, digital storytelling and alternative archives.

Deliberately moving away from the view that confines the field of heritage to conventional preservation practices, which often attribute innate and static value to materials and sites, HS attempts to explore how heritage-making is a dynamic and subjective negotiation of historical narratives, collective identity, memory and place. These questions are all the more relevant in the context of Kosovo, where any heritage discourse is underwritten by the complex consequences of war, trauma, colonization and the struggle for recognition.

The experiences around heritage that HS gives focus to are often vulnerable, difficult, transient, invisible or disrupted. Articulating these experiences requires unconventional and experimental tools that have largely been absent in the field. Consequently, HS is highly preoccupied with the question of methodology—how something comes to the fore as heritage is just as important as what.

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Jun 15 - 2023