Sep 12 - 2014

The 50th Jubilee regains poetry celebration in Gjakova

50miting home

From the date of 2nd to 9th May 2014, the town of Gjakova was the epicentre of poets and many poetry lovers. During these days, the Literary Club " Gjon Nikollë Kazazi " from Gjakova held the 50th jubilee of Poetry Meeting.

Primary aim of this meeting is to maintain spiritual tradition and establishment of a platform to stimulate promotion of literary creativity and providing potentials for young creators. The meeting also aims to reward creations that left their impressions on Albanian literature, including debates and meetings with diverse topics of Albanian and world literature.

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This activity, which from a common literary hour of 9th May 1964, turned into the largest literary event not only in Kosovo, but in all Albanian territories. The poet Haxhosaj, remembers the days when during the poetry meetings, town of Gjakova celebrated in spirit of community celebrations. "It was a great celebration. The poetry meeting turned into a national meeting, because at the open small sports stadium "Shani Nushi", gathered about three thousand citizens to hear poems of the best poets of the country ", he recalls.

The 50th poetry meeting, this year brought poets from all Albanian territories, as well as guests from Catalonia of Spain, which is already a tradition, and each year we are hosting two or three poets on behalf of world poetry. "There have been few years since I heard about the Meeting in Gjakova and I am glad to have finally come over here. I also feel good and very happy to have the honour to be in the country of origin of Mother Teresa, a person admired by my side", said the Catalonian poet, Sonia Pasola.

The 50th edition of the International Poetry Meeting in Gjakova, which closed on May 9 in the evening with the great literary hour, was held in the presence of more than 800 participants, where the 30 poets read their works. The meeting held its activity a week ago, organizing promotion of 7 new works, mostly of poets from Gjakova but also those from Highlinds of Gjakova. "I assure you that will give the maximum contribution for this genuine literary organization, because I'm all with you," promised the Mayor of Gjakova Municipality, Mrs. Mimoza Kusari - Lila, in her opening speech. Apart from the great literary hour, an activity to be noted is also the traditional literary Tribune, which thematic subject was "Current Criticism in Albanian literature". Agim Vinca and Ilir Yzeiri, publicist from Albania, discussed about this topic.

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The meeting rewarded publishing of the best book published between the two meetings, which this year was nominated to two poets, Halil Haxhosaj for the book “Exhibition in the new season” "and Sejdi Berisha for the book “Gray leaves of anger. While for the best poetry reading in the evening belonged to poet Iljaz Bobaj from Gjirokastra, Albania.

This project is part of the “Culture Days in Gjakova” initiative to be held during 2014 and is co-financed by CHwB Kosovo, municipality of Gjakova and other partners. This project has been identified within the Local Plan of Cultural Heritage of Gjakova, drafted under the program of Local Plans of Cultural Heritage 2012-2015 in 7 municipalities in Kosovo. For more information about this program click here.

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