May 15 - 2019


We invite all the interested students of the field of archeology, architecture, cultural heritage, history, anthropology and other relevant fields to apply for the “Heritage Lab” Workshop


HERITAGE LAB is an educational project organized by CHwB Kosovo aiming to create new opportunities for students of different fields to learn about methods of documentation, preservation, revival and interpretation of cultural heritage through “hands on” practical work and complementary lectures. HERITAGE LAB is an activity developed “in situ”, so that the problems of a heritage site are surveyed directly and the solutions for its treatment, interpretation and management are given at the same time.

For 12 days, students will be able to learn about the various methods of archaeological excavations, contemporary tools for the documentation of the findings, conservation of archaeological structures and interpretation of the site for the audiences. Throughout lectures conducted by international and national renowned professors and experts as well as practical work coordinated by experienced craftsmen, they will be part of the preservation of cultural heritage by implementing the methods and techniques learned throughout the workshop.

This is a third, in a series of five, workshop that is part of the project “Dialogue between communities through the comprehensive preservation of cultural heritage” implemented by UNDP and funded by the European Union Instrument for Stability and Peace (IcSP).



In the center of the city of Prizren, stands the magnificent Cathedral “Our Lady of Perpetual Succor”, one of the oldest religious buildings in Kosovo. The cathedral was built between 1865-1870 with permission and funding from Austria-Hungary. The interior of the Church holds the greatest significance of the building, by specifically emphasizing historical, architectural and spiritual values. In the center of the cathedral is a painting whose author still remains unknown, but is thought to be a gift from Rome.

Other valuables pieces in this church are two paintings by two personalities from the ancient Balkans, such as the painting of Gjergj Kastriot-Skenderbeg, the Albanian nobleman and military commander and Janoss Hunyadi -Governor and the commander-in-chief of Hungary, which are works of the Austrian painter Sincowiss.

The area around the cathedral has traces of archaeological remains. According to some data, the cathedral is believed to be built on the ruins of a smaller church, in need for a larger church, but according to some other assumptions, the cathedral was built on an execution square for the death sentenced.

Volunteers needed

Are you a former participant? You can still attend other Heritage Lab Workshops

Considering the variety of themes that we are offering, we would like to give former participants the chance to attend a workshop with a new theme. (For example, if you attended the conservation workshop, you can submit your application for the interpretation of heritage sites workshop.)

A note for past Workshop Participants: How would you like to experience the Workshops again from the perspective of an organizer?

What are the duties of a Workshop Volunteer?

Volunteers will receive instructions related to their responsibilities during the workshop. They may be asked to assist with the following areas:

  • Organizational tasks (responsibility over the registration, lecture room, tools)
  • Responsibility over the working sites (assisting the craftsmen, documenting the site activities, implementing safety measures, making sure everyone is working towards the final result)
  • Communication (being the bridge between organizers and participants, translations, facilitating discussions, communicating with local community and media)

How to apply?

If you are a first time participant download this APPLICATION FORM

If you are applying as a volunteer download the following  APPLICATION FORM

Applicants are required to have good communication skills in English, since this will be the official language of the workshop. 

Please complete this form and submit it no later than JUNE 3rd 2019, via email: gro.bwhc@ovosok When submitting the application via email, please write in the subject line “Application for Heritage Lab 2019 Name of the Camp” (Name Surname)”.

For any additional information needed regarding the workshop, please contact us at Phone, +383 49 54 54 55, +381 (0)38 754 866, email: gro.bwhc@ovosok

CHwB Kosovo will cover all in-country costs for participants and volunteers, including accommodation, meal allowances, excursions, workshop materials and travel within the country.

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