Apr 02 - 2019

Call for application in “Heritage Lab” workshop – The adaptive reuse of Kino Bahçe / Prizren

We invite all the interested students and young professionals to apply for the first “Heritage Lab” workshop of 2019

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As part of the adaptive reuse of the open-air cinema of Lumbardhi in Prizren, the “Heritage Lab” workshop is organized with the aim of enhancing the skillset of students of architecture, cultural heritage, ecology and urban planning who are passionate about the cultural and natural heritage of the country and at the same time are willing to learn how to preserve it through adaptive reuse methods.

“Heritage Lab” at the open-air cinema of Lumbardhi in Prizren will provide students with opportunities to listen to lectures by international and local experts in the field of adaptive reuse of historical buildings. In addition to lectures, students will do practical work through which they will learn the methods of restoring historical buildings for today’s needs. Applicants are required to have good communication skills in English, since this will be the official language of the workshop.

The practical work will be carried out at the open-air cinema, which will be eventually revitalized and serve as an urban garden and social and cultural space.

“Heritage Lab” will be held from 21 April – 2 May, at Kino Lumbardhi – Prizren.

This project is part of the project “Inter-community Dialogue through Inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation” implemented by UNDP Kosovo, financed by the European Union’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP), and organized by CHwB Kosova and LUMBARDHI.


Download the Application Form!

Please complete this form in full by computer. The application form can be submitted no later than April 12th 2019, via email: gro.ihdrabmul@ofni. When submitting the application via email, please write in the subject line “Application for Heritage Lab 2019 Lumbardhi (Name Surname)”.

For any additional information needed regarding the workshop, please contact us at gro.ihdrabmul@ofni,  or phone number: +38344284142/ +38349545455

Other workshops for 2019 will be announced soon!

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