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CALL FOR APPLICATION: Restoring a gem in the city of gold and silver: The Osman Efendi Mosque in Novobrdo/NovoBërdë.

We invite all interested students of the field of architecture, cultural heritage and other related fields to apply for the “Heritage Lab” Workshop

 DATES: 19-30 SEPTEMBER 2022

HERITAGE LAB is an educational project organized by CHwB Kosovo aiming to create new opportunities for students of architecture, cultural heritage and other related fields to learn about methods of documentation, preservation, revival and interpretation of cultural heritage through “hands on” practical work and complementary lectures. HERITAGE LAB is an activity developed “in situ”, so that the problems of a heritage site are surveyed directly and the solutions for its treatment, interpretation and management are given at the same time.

In partnership with UNDP, from 19th to 30th of September 2022, CHwB Kosovo is organizing the Restoration Camp at the Osman Efendi Mosque in Novobrdo/Novo Bërdë, whereby 20 students will be able to build their knowledge on traditional materials and techniques for the preservation of historic structures. Throughout lectures conducted by international and national renowned professors and experts as well as practical work coordinated by experienced craftsmen, they will be part of the preservation of cultural heritage by implementing the methods and techniques learned throughout the workshop.

This workshop is part of the project "Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Intercommunity Dialogue and Social Cohesion" implemented by UNDP and funded by the European Union’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP).



 In the verse of the Kopaonik Mountains, on the edge of a hill holding a fortress built at 1100

meters height, lies the city that once upon a time the Ottoman chronicler Turshun-beg referred to as “the mother of all cities”. Historians, chroniclers, travel writers and merchants that wandered in the most important centers of the European civilization, in the late Middle Ages mentioned one of the most developed cities in the Balkans, erected on a hill full of silver and surrounded by defensive walls. Due to its location on the edge of the Kopaonik Mountains, the name of this city in different languages is documented as “the new hill/ new mountain” or Nuovo Monte in Latin, Novobrdo in Slavic, Neuyeberghe in medieval German, Yenidag in Turkish, etc. Today, the city is also known as Artana, which in the Albanian language means the “Golden Place”.

The Osman Efendi Mosque

 The mosque in Novobërda/Novobrdo is located in the historical core of Novobërda/Novobrdo. Whilst the precise information does not exist, it is assumed that this mosque was built in 1795 by Osman Efendi, after whom it was named, while the minaret belongs to an earlier phase with walls still visible even today. The mosque has a simple hipped roof and a porch built with timber columns. The main room is based on a quadrangular floor plan without internal partition walls. The structure was constructed from carved stones bound with lime mortar, while the southern facade was rendered, probably during the 1970’s restoration. The minaret is located in the north-west part of the mosque, a volcanic carved stone construction, in several places marked by volcanic red stones.


Please send your CV and motivation letter, no later than September 9th, 2022, via email: [email protected]. When submitting the application via email, please write in the subject line “Application for Heritage Lab 2022: The restoration of Osman Efendi Mosque in Novobrdo” (Name Surname)”.

Applicants are required to have good communication skills in English, since this will be the official language of the workshop.

For any additional information needed regarding the workshop, please contact us by phone: +383 (0)38 754 866, email: [email protected].


The project will cover all in-country costs for participants from Kosovo, including accommodation, meals, excursions, workshop materials and travel within the country.

NOTE: All participants will be certified after completing the workshop.

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