May 31 - 2022


We invite all those who are interested in architecture, civil engineering, cultural heritage, arts and other related fields to apply for the “UPCYCLE CAMP” 

DATES: 13 – 24 JUNE, 2022

UPCYCLE CAMP is a two-week camp organised by Manifesta 14 Prishtina and implemented by HERITAGE LAB programme of the Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) Kosovo. The lab aims to create opportunities for those who study, practice and are generally passionate about architecture, cultural heritage and related fields. Participants will learn methods for documenting, preserving, reviving and interpreting cultural heritage through ‘hands on’ practical work, complementary lectures and group discussion. 

From 13 to 24 June 2022, Manifesta 14 Prishtina in partnership with CHwB Kosovo is organizing an UPCYCLE CAMP of the furniture of the historic Hivzi Sulejmani Library in Prishtina. The library dates to the 1940s. The facility has been frequented by generations of readers, who visit to seek stories from near and far on its bookshelves. The memories of Prishtina residents are worn into its walls. 

The selected 20 camp participants will learn techniques for restoring and repurposing old furniture, using materials from the library in a refreshed way. In turn, their creations will have the opportunity to be reused at the Centre for Narrative Practice, a permanent interdisciplinary institution and Manifesta 14 venue that will open on the premises of the Hivzi Sulejmani Library

HERITAGE LAB is an activity developed “in situ”, so that the problems of a heritage site are surveyed directly and the solutions for its treatment, interpretation and management are given at the same time.


"Hivzi Sulejmani" Library is a cultural heritage monument in Prishtina. This eclectic building was built in 1930 according to the design of the Russian architect Sokolov. This property had various functions, starting from the residential one, then later hosting the former Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia for Kosovo, then in 1948 it was transformed into a city library, which remained open until a few years ago. The Municipality of Prishtina has now decided to revitalize the building and temporarily assign it to Manifesta 14, who will take charge of its refurbishment, the conceptualisation of its functionality and will eventually reopen the space for the public as part of the biennial programme in 2022.



Please send your CV no later than June 8, 2022, via email: [email protected]. When submitting the application via email, please write in the subject line “Application for UPCYCLE CAMP  2022:” (Name Surname)”.

For any additional information needed regarding the workshop, please contact us by phone: +383 (0)38 754 866, email: [email protected].


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