Apr 22 - 2013

Call for Grants 2013

Due to the large number of applications received for grants, announcement of beneficiaries will be done on May, 31st.

If you are an NGO and if you have new and creative ideas in encouraging and promoting community participation in preservation of cultural heritage in Kosovo, then send a
Draft project to Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB).

CHwB, within the framework of its programme in Kosovo and funded by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), is interested in cooperation with local NGOs for implementation of small projects targeted to support local communities in active safeguarding of cultural heritage. Moreover, CHwB’s support aims at encouraging activities for the participation of community in the preservation and regard for cultural and environmental values.

Activities supported:
1.Voluntary activities in cleaning and maintaining places of cultural significance: monuments, ensembles, archaeological sites
2.Activities for raising awareness and promotion of active community participation in safeguarding of cultural heritage (tours, sports and cultural events, theater performances, traditional dances, cultural events, promotion of spiritual heritage, exhibitions)
3.Activities for the promotion of cultural heritage in view of cultural tourism (marking of the places of importance, maps, tourist guide)

For activity 1 required is the prior consent of institutions responsible for cultural heritage.

The budget must be planned in order that salary and wage disbursements shall not exceed 20% of the total budget. The rest of the budget is allowed for the acquisition of consumables, logistics, transportation and promotional material.

CHwB, for the year 2013, is allocating 3-5 grants to nongovernmental organizations. The maximum amount for a project is 5.000 Euros.

The application deadline 22 April – 10 May 2013, directly at email: [email protected].
Announcement of beneficiaries: May 15, 2013

Do not forget the inclusion of marginalized groups in the project
Inclusion of marginalized groups in the project is necessary.

Download Application form here: Grant_Concept_Paper_Form

shpallje GRANTE 2013


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