Mar 09 - 2017

Cultural Heritage is vanishing everyday


Today was demolished another old house in the historic center of Prizren, at the road "Pushkataret". CHwB has warned about the risk of cultural heritage for the last time in December 2016, when the organization launched the Heritage at Risk platform.


During research, CHwB noted that about 140 buildings are at risk of being lost. The warning, unfortunately was evidenced by the demolition of the house in the Historic Center of Prizren. The loss of this house today, means the loss of a part of Kosovo’s identity and the loss of potential for economic development in the country.

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CHwB Kosovo supports the recommendation of "EC Ma Ndryshe" for a decision on moratorium in this area, which means the prohibition of any activity (except emergency ones) since the Management and Conservation Plan of the Historic Centre Prizren is being drafted. Therefore, we call the relevant institutions to urgently take measures to prevent the destruction of cultural heritage in the country.

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Mar 09 - 2017

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