Jan 30 - 2015

More than an emergency intervention: Mejtep of Haxhi Ymeri

The Mejtep (The religious school) of Haxhi Ymeri in Gjakova has been treated as part of Cultural Emergency Response program, financed by Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development in partnership with Cultural Heritage without Borders, Kosovo office.

mejtep final 04

The intervention works started in the 1st of October and were completed in the early December 2014. The exterior as well as the interior of the building was treated.

The existing roof tiles were removed, the timber construction was treated/ beams were replaced when needed, new timber planks, hydro insulation and new timber lintels were intalled, only about 20 % of the existing traditional roof tiles were reused since most of them were damaged, new roof tiles same as the original were bought from a collector and were put. In addition to that, the whole timber canopy was rotten as such it was reconstructed based in the authentic model. The new timber elements were painted in the original colour.

mejtep final 05

Damaged parts of external walls and cracks were treated and rendered with adobe mortar. Applied cement in previous restorations was removed and replaced with adobe mortar. All walls were rendered with adobe mortar and then lime mortar and finally lime washed. The chimney was rebuilt from the ground level up to the highest level of the roof. The masonry was built with new adobe bricks and mortar according to the authentic model.

During the survey of the building, it was noticed that it had problems with rising damp. As such the French drains were installed to remove the rising damp. The channel of drainage was excavated 80 cm below the ground, to the foundations level. The foundations were insulated with cold two component hydro- insulation. The drainage plastic pipe perforated in the entire surface was covered with geo textile. The channel was layered with two fractions gravel and was then paved with natural stones.

Except the exterior, the interior was also treated. In the first floor, the wallpapers were removed, cracks were filled with lime mortar and all the walls were re plastered with lime mortar. The linoleum was taken and the floor was layered by new oak timber planks. The timber boards were taken from the ceiling and the timber beams were treated. A new ceiling with gypsum boards in-between the timber beams was put.  All timber elements were cleaned and coloured. The same applies to window frames. In addition to that broken window slits were replaced.

mejtep final 02

In the ground floor, the linoleum was taken and a new floor with 'Rigov' bricks pattern was put.  The rotten timber boards were taken from the ceiling and the original timber beams were revealed. The beams were cleaned and painted with liquids against insects. The damaged timber column was replaced by a new chestnut timber column. The cracks were filled with lime mortar, and all the walls were plastered with lime mortar and were finally lime washed.  The new water, sewage and electrical installations were put in the toilet. The walls and the floor of the toilet were hydro insulated and then finished with new ceramic tiles. New plumbing fixtures (sink, WC and other elements) were put. The staircase and railings were reconstructed by oak timber. Finally, the building was provided with a new electrical system, including the switches, plugs, electrical counter, lamp sockets and safety switches.

mejtep final 03

Mejtep of Haxhi Ymeri has served the community to build their knowledge in religion as well as other subjects. It was also a meeting place for people regardless of age and gender. The Islamic Community can once again reuse the building.

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