Oct 29 - 2015

“Ethno fest Glavičica” revives the cultural life in Parteš

Most of the locals attended the celebration of "Ethno Fest Glavičica" which revived the cultural life of this small municipality, which is not very rich, inhabited by the Serbian community. "Ethno Fest Glavičica" was opened on the 11th of August and lasted until the 25th of September 2015, aiming to revive the tradition, spiritual and cultural heritage of this region. As a part of this project, series of activities were held, such as: art colony, exhibition of old artefacts, literacy evening, etc.

"Ethno Fest Glavičica" is implemented by two local NGOs "Youth Parteš Activity" and "Eco Program Kosovo" and is part of the priorities of the Local Cultural Heritage Plan of the Municipality of Parteš. This plan was developed under the Program of Local Cultural Heritage Plans in 7 municipalities of Kosovo by Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB), the Municipality of Parteš and other central institutions, and is funded by Sweden.

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Activities started with the art colony in the school of Donja Budriga village, where guests from Niš (Serbia) and Gračanica: professors, academics, and young artists contributed by painting on canvas and aquarelle. In the Youth Centre in Parteš, painters spent 6 days working on paintings. After 6 days of painting, the exhibition was held at the House of Culture in Parteš, where for the first time citizens had the opportunity to see paintings of churches, gates, old houses, the remains of Glavičica church, as well as an exhibition of traditional costumes and food, reflecting the rich tradition of the municipality of Parteš. Paintings on canvas will remain exposed in the building of the Municipal administration, as well as in the Youth Centre in Parteš, until the next colony. Painters showed their gratitude for the hospitality by giving hosts aquarelle paintings with different motives. The opening of the exhibition was attended by more than hundred visitors.

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With the help and support of the Swiss organization "Logos", Ethno house was built in 2012 in the village Pasjan of the municipality of Parteš. As a part of the "Ethno Fest Glavičica" this house is now in use and is enriched with old artefacts, collected by the local community. This day coincided with the celebration of the great Christian feast of Saint Transfiguration, thus the exhibition lasted a whole day and was attended by citizens and visitors who normally come to Pasjan for the feast.

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"Etno Fest Glavičica" was closed on 25th of September 2015 with literary hour at the Youth Centre in Parteš, which was attended by professors from Mitrovica and Gračanica, writers from this region, teachers, municipal employees and citizens. At the promotion were presented various books from Anamorava region. This was followed by the recitation of verses from the book of professor Zoran Pavlović, the interpretation of poetry from the collection of poems of professor Golub Jasović, the recitation of professor Stanislav Kojić, readings from poetry books of professor Blagoje Savić and from other writers. In the closing day, writers, professors, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, municipal officials and donors were awarded with acknowledgments.

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Oct 29 - 2015

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