Aug 16 - 2012

Join us in the 5th Beledije Training Course in Prizren (Kosovo) On “Museum Management”

Protecting our Common European Heritage
Beledije – the 1st Regional Cultural Heritage Facility in the Balkans

Join us in the 5th Beledije Training Course in
Prizren (Kosovo)
“Museum Management”

(From 17th to 27th September 2012)

Apply by 5th of September 2012

The 5th Beledije Training Course is designed to increase the capacity of technical personnel working in Cultural Heritage management and in particular in museum management; it provides training and know-how in museum management tools such as International approaches and policies, collections preservation, storage, interpretation and communication as well as community participation and marketing plan for sustainable development.
The training will be focussed on:
•Introduction of the management of museums strategies and practises, conservation, inventory and documentation of the collections, legal aspects;
•Accessibility of museum collections, principles of museology and modern technologies;
•Interpretation and communication of Museum Collections and Marketing plans;
•Museums and their role in local development and as agents of education and social growth for local communities.
The 5th Beledije Training Course is addressed to public servants from National Departments/Institutes, municipality staff, architects, urban planners, civil engineers, archaeologists, art historians, ethnologists, anthropologists, private companies and contractors working with cultural heritage. Students are part of this target group. The total number of selected applicants will not exceed 22.
Participants will follow a schedule combining theory with actual documentation works supervised by museum managers, archaeologists, architects and marketing experts. A study tour will be organized to visit Museum in Pristina.
Objective and purposes
The objective of the 5th Beledije Training Course is to ensure the development and sustainability of expertise in the field of museum management. In this respect, the course purposes are to:
•Contribute to building a new and update approach on museums management and improving the understanding for participants from Western Balkans;
•Introduce mechanisms and appropriate tools for inventory, conservation, preservation, promotion and management of museum collections;
•Identify policies for preservation and integration of museums into the local development;
•Promote sustainable management of museums and its values for local development and social cohesion
•Strengthen the role of local communities as active beneficiaries and stakeholders of the museums
•Enhance the relationship with local communities
•Identify communication and information tools for promoting museum as agents of social growth.
Course structure
The 5th Beledije Training Course will provide the following modules:
Introduction to Museum Management
-Principles and Challenges
-The International and EU practices on Museum management

Policies for Museum Management and Security
-Tools and new approaches for developing museology and museography plans
-Introduction to managing Museum Property collections: experience, problems and future

Management and Security policies
-Collections Management: principles on preservation, restoration, storage, use and documentation – Tools and needs for protecting the collections and the exhibitions

Collections Management
-Record and inventory of collections
-Access of Museum Collections, exhibition and adaptation of museum space for visitors
-Museum Marketing Plans

Education and research, ICT, Interpretation and Communication
-Modern technologies, interactive multimedia systems for presenting collection
-Interpretation and communication of Museum Collections
Museum and Local Development
-Museum and Community practice
-Museums as agents of social change and growth
-Development of Creative Systems for education and activities to attract youth – Sustainable programme, practices and resources for life-long learning

Course locations
Allowances and Accommodation
Daily allowances will cover meals and accommodation. Participants will stay in Prizren with transport provided to Pristina for the study tour.
Documents required for application

•Signed Application Form through e-mail
•CV (indicating relevant experience in cultural heritage)
•Motivation letter (maximum one page describing main skills, motivation, expectations from the course, plan to apply and share the knowledge to be acquired)
•Signed letter of support from a supervisor confirming leave of absence from work for the duration of the course
All applicants should send their applications by Wednesday 5th of September 2012 at 16.00.
The course language is English, and all applications should be submitted in English.
You can download the application form for the 5th Beledije Prizren training program at:
Application process
All documents and other information must be submitted by e-mail to
[email protected]
The results of the application process will be announced on Friday 7th of September 2012, leaving participants’ time to prepare for the two-week course. Participants should reach Prizren on 16 September, latest by 17.00. Lectures will begin on 17 of September, 2012.
The “Beledije Certificate” will reward the participants who will pass the final assessment.
This is an event you will regret missing!

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