Apr 26 - 2016

New agreement between Sweden and CHwB Kosovo for 2016-2019

An agreement between Sweden and Kosovo Foundation for Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB Kosovo) was signed for next four years on core support. CHwB Kosovo is the legacy of Swedish Foundation of CHwB, as such it aims to remain as significant and credible voice of protection and promotion of cultural heritage in Kosovo, as a public common good belonging to all communities.


In the period of 2016-2019, CHwB Kosovo will focus on improving the economic and democratic environment in Kosovo by the utilization of cultural heritage as a basic resource. A number of municipalities in Kosovo, organized as a Regional Development Agency (RDA), will have opportunities to improve the cooperation through joint planning activities. The strategic plan is to prioritize economic growth and welfare for local communities, suffering from unemployment.

Main objectives of this collaboration will be:
• The vibrancy of community and accountability of duty bearers is strengthened,
• Fostering territorial cooperation & synergies for economic development,
• CHwB Kosovo - voice of cultural heritage in Kosovo.

CHwB Kosovo is committed to equality, non-discrimination, participation, accountability and transparency.

Text and photo: Embassy of Sweden in Pristina, Kosovo

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Apr 26 - 2016

Closing Conference of the Local Cultural Heritage Plans program (2012-15)

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