May 30 - 2012

The Regional Tourism Center n’Dukagjin inauguration

A new Regional Tourism Center “n’Dukagjin” was inaugurated in Junik (Kosovo), on May 21, 2012. This Center is part of the “See you in Dukagjin” project.


The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented by CHwB and it aims to support Kosovo’s economic development through rejuvenation of the country’s rich cultural heritage resources. The center is located in a newly restored Isufaj Kulla, a traditional Kosovar building.


The inauguration was overseen by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga , the Prime Minister Hashim Thaci , the Minister of Culture of Albania, Aldo Bumqi, Chief of Operations of the European Commission Christof Stock and the Mayor of Junik Agron Kuqi .

Sali Shoshi, Head of CHwB Kosovo , said that the new center was important both as a resource for tourism and as an example of the potential of protected monuments. Conservation and restoration of the kulla was not possible without the skill of local master craftsmen. CHwB promotes local craftsmanship as an integral part of conservation and rejuvenation of monuments.


Christof Stock, Chief of Operations of the European Commission, said that this project was creating opportunities for economic development in the western region of Kosovo through focusing on tourism; a key area for future growth.

Agron Kuqi, Mayor of Junik, said that the project “See you in Dukagjin” remained a key strategic project for participating municipalities. The project has mobilized tour operators, NGOs, local government and students to sit together and co-operate on developing viable and sustainable tourism in the region.


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May 30 - 2012

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