Sep 01 - 2016

Registration open for Tour de Culture 2016

TOUR DE CULTURE  is the only cultural cycling non-competitive and recreational activity in Kosovo OPEN TO ALL, professionals and amateurs, the young and the old, men and women.

Tour promotes cultural and natural heritage, non-motorized transport for more efficient mobility for all and environmental protection. Tour was established as a result of synergies arising from principles of the European Heritage Days and the European Mobility Week, held during September in Europe.

This event, organized for the ninth consecutive year, every year tends to reveal a corner of Kosovo, thus turning into a traditional activity for Kosovo society. This year, the tour will be held in Peja region on Sunday, 25 September 2016 and will consist of visits to different cultural and natural heritage sites.

START is from the village Radavc in Peja at 10:30 and includes a length of 46.8 km to the Mirusha Waterfalls in Klina. The road is easily permeable, asphalted, sloping in some short segments but affordable for all participants. After STARTing point there are some stops provided by the agenda for the participants to relax. The FINISH of the activity in Mirusha Waterfalls is foreseen to be at 18:00 hrs.



1. Participation in Tour de Culture is FREE. The registration of participants is mandatory and will be done through online application. Deadline for registration is Wednesday 21/09/2016 at 16:00 hrs.

2. Departure of buses shall be from bus stations of 7 major cities of Kosovo: from Prishtina at 07:00hrs, Peja at 08:30hrs; Gjakova at 08:00hrs; Prizren at 7:30hrs; Ferizaj and Gjilan at 6:30hrs dhe Mitrovica at 07:00hrs. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time at the bus station of your city. Return from Mirusha Waterfalls, as the final station of the tour, back to the initial cities will be provided with the same buses at the end of the event.

3. At the START of the tour we suggest you visit the Radaci Cave. Regular entry fee is 2€ but on the Tour day organiser will pay the entry fee.

4. Cycling activities will FINISH at around 16:00 hrs, followed with a walk to Mirusha Waterfalls. Return with buses is expected to take place at 18:00hrs.

5. In order to achieve the project objectives, we encourage the attendance of groups of parents with their children and teachers with their pupils. For safety reasons, children under 14 will not be allowed to participate without the presence of a parent, guardian or teacher.

6. Participants should take their personal bicycles and helmets, which will be transported in buses and accompanying trucks from their cities.

7. The organizer does not provide rental bicycles. In case you need to rent a bike, participants should book themselves. Bikes can be rented by calling following providers: Prishtina - Rent Bike + 37745441312, +38649750732; Prizren - Nevron Skenderi +38649837199; Gjakova - Jakova Biking Adventures +38649129370; Gjilan - Besjani Bike +37745610765; Ferizaj - NTP Tranzit +37745404452; Suhareka - Titan Sport +377 44 143 231, +386 49 336 137.

8. Police will escort the forefront and the rear of the tour, two ambulance vehicles in service of participants in case of need, and bike mechanics will accompany throughout the tour.

9. We kindly ask for patience and understanding by all participants, given that the tour participants are of different ages, sexes and physical conditions.

10. If you want to be part of the tour but unable to ride a bicycle or whether you feel tired during the tour and cannot continue on, an extra bus at the end of the tour is at your disposal, which will take you to the next stopping-place. So wait for the bus at the rear of the tour and jump in.

11. Apart from providing first aid as per need, organizers do not take responsibility for ensuring overall health insurance. You have to take care of equipment, logistics and your health at all the time. Therefore, your participation is your personal responsibility!

12. We kindly ask participants to follow all advices given by the organizers and the police in order to ensure the successful progress of this activity.

For any additional information (before and during the tour) you can seek the help of our volunteers but also contact us through Facebook page: CHwB Kosova email: [email protected]  and telephone numbers: +38138754866, +37744695421 and +38649156600.


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