Sep 16 - 2014

Terms of participation for Tour de Culture-28 September 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tour de Culture is postponed to 28 September 2014 because of weather conditions.

TOUR DE CULTURE is the only non-competitive cycling and recreational activity in Kosovo OPEN TO ALL, professionals and amateurs, the young and the old, men and women. This event, organized for the seventh year in a row, has become a traditional and attention-grasping activity in Kosovo while revealing corners of our country. This is achieved by the increasing number of enthusiastic participants every year and great support from the local and international institutions, including local businesses and media.

This unique activity in Kosovo consists of synergies arising from principles of the European Heritage Days and European Mobility Week celebrated all over Europe during september.


Promotion of our common natural and cultural heritage

> protection of cultural heritage and cultural diversity at all levels of society

> promotion of cultural heritage as a tool of coexistence and dialogue between communities

> discovering potentials for the development of sustainable cultural tourism

Promotion of non-motorized transport for more efficient mobility for all

> awareness among citizens and decision makers about the importance of safer roads and non-motorized

transport itineraries

> promotion of healthier lifestyle and safer roads for non-motorized transport users

> strengthening participation of women, youth, the elderly, children and people with disabilities

Promotion of environmental protection

> putting the rights of people and nature over the rights of polluters

> prevent degradation of land, water, vegetation and air

> promotion of joint global movement to a safer climate future and ensure sustainable use of resources without degrading the environment


1. Tour de Culture is a non-competitive and recreational cycling event OPENT TO ALL, professionals and amateurs, the young and the old, men and women.

2. Participation in Tour de Culture is FREE for all, as the tour is intended to promote cultural heritage, non-motorized mobility and environmental protection in Kosovo.

3. Registration of participants is mandatory and will be done in the buses organized for participants transport.

4. The tour shall START at 10:30 hrs from Vushtrri (Castle in the center of the city) and encompasses a distance of 49,3 km up to Podujeva (Batllava lake). The route is easily traversed, paved and slant passable for all participants. The event is anticipated to end at around 18:00 hrs.  After the START, several stops are foreseen in the agenda, in order for participants relax, have water, fruits, vegetables and food.

5. Transportation to Vushtrri, which is the starting point of the event, shall be provided by the organizers. Departure of buses shall be from bus stations of 7 major cities of Kosovo: Prishtina and  Mitrovica at 08:00 hrs and Peja, Gjakova, Prizren, Ferizaj, Gjilan at 07:00 hrs. Participants from Vushtrri will have their bus booked for the return from Podujeva. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time at the bus station of your city. The transport will be provided on first come first served basis, thus organisers will not take any responsibility if there won't be places at the bus. Return from Podujeva (Batllava lake), as the final station of the tour, back to the initial cities point will be with the same buses.

6. Participants who arrive by their private car should arrange their own transport and parking to FINISH point and vice versa.

7. In order to achieve project objectives, we encourage attendance of parents with their children and teachers with their pupils. For safety reasons and length of the tour, children under 14 will not be allowed to participate without the presence of a parent, guardian or teacher.

8. We ask for patience and understanding by all participants, given that the tour participants are of different ages, sexes, physical conditions including participants with special needs with wheelchairs.

9. Participants should take their personal bicycles which will be transported in buses and accompanying trucks from their cities. Anyone who does not possess personal bike will have access to rent a bike for a nominal price of €10. The number of bikes for rental is limited; therefore we recommend booking them in advance from organizers through contacts listed at the end.

10. At the START, besides visiting the Castle, interested groups will have the opportunity to visit the Hamam and the Old Stone Bridge on a guided tour.

11. Police will escort the forefront and the rear of the tour, two ambulance vehicles in case of persons in need for assistance, and bike mechanics will accompany throughout the tour.

12. If you want to be part of the tour but unable to ride a bicycle or whether you feel tired during the tour and cannot continue on, an extra bus at the tail of the tour is at your disposal, which will take you to the next stopping-place. So wait for the bus at the rear of the tour and jump in.

13. Apart from providing first aid if needed, the organizers do not take responsibility for ensuring overall health expenses. You have to rely on equipment, logistics and your health at all times. Therefore, your participation is your personal responsibility!

14. We invite participants to follow all advices given by the organizers and the police in order to ensure the successful progress of this activity.

15. For any further clarification, bicycle reservation or additional information (before and during the tour) you can contact us at:

Facebook: Tour de Culture Kosovo e-mail: [email protected] tel: 038 243 918, 044 692 384, 049 372 639

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