Nov 25 - 2015

The inauguration ceremony in the medieval church of St. Saviour

On the 19th of November 2015, in the site of ''Gllavičica'' in the village of Donja Budriga in the municipality of Parteš, was held the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the auxiliary building of the Visitatorium, in the already conserved medieval church of St. Saviour.

The archaeological site ''Gllavičica ' is a multi-layered site with cultures of prehistoric settlement from the Neolithic culture of Starçevo (5000 BC) replaced by the remains of the Bronze Age settlement, again destroyed with the establishment of the medieval necropolis of the XIII century and the construction of St. Saviour church in the XIV century. Today in the site, there are the remains of St. Saviour church with the necropolis of XIII-XVII century.

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This church belongs to the feudal small churches built in the second half of the XIV century. The plan of the remains of the church was defined by the archaeological research conducted in 2012. Except archaeological values, this church has a great importance for the local community as it is a living heritage and today is still used for religious rituals. In 2013, the church became part of the List of Cultural Heritage under temporary protection of MCYS with the serial number 003702. The conservation project of St. Saviour church and the Visitatorium has been drafted by the municipality of Parteš in partnership with the Serbian Orthodox Church, Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) and the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Kosovo (MCYS).

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The ceremony day started with the mayor of Parteš, Mr. Dragan Nikolić who hosted a vast number of guests present at this ceremony. In the first part, Mr. Enes Toska, program manager from the CHwB Office in Kosovo, presented the process of the Local Cultural Heritage Plan of Parteš, where the conservation project of St. Saviour Church was one of the main priorities for intervention. This plan was drafted by CHwB, Municipality of Parteš and other central institutions in the framework of the Local Cultural Heritage Plans Program 2012-2015.

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The day continued with a visit to the Holy Transfiguration Church in Pasjan, which is one of the most characteristic churches of the area. It was built on the ruins of an older church and is rich with icons in the whole area dating from XVII century.

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Photos: Embassy of Sweden - Rina Musa

The day was closed with a visit to Gllavičica where the conservation works in the medieval church of St. Saviour are being finalized. During the ceremony was laid the foundation stone of the auxiliary building of the Visitatorium, which will serve as a centre for visitors and administration of the local clergy. "In the heart of our fellow citizens, Glavičica has a special place and it is not a place of dispute but is of a unity. It urges us only positivity and joy and represents one of the most sacred places of our municipality and beyond" stated among others the mayor at the beginning of the ceremony. Speeches and gratitude for cooperation were given also by Göran Paulsson (Counsellor, Head of Development Cooperation from the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina), father Dragan Kojić (Serbian Orthodox Church), Sali Shoshi (director of Cultural Heritage without Borders Kosovo office) and Arton Hoxha (the director of the Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage in Gjilan - MCYS).

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The host of the ceremony, Mr. Nikolić, in gratitude for all project partners gave each of them a painting. These paintings are produced within the art colony of the project "Ethno Fest Glavičica" implemented two months ago and has been one of the priorities of the Local Cultural Heritage Plan of Parteš. The ceremony was closed with traditional dance and cocktail.

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