Jun 23 - 2015

Municipality of Parteš is supported by traditional costumes

On 19 of June 2015, a tripartite agreement was signed between the Municipality of Parteš, Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) Kosovo office and NGO "Youth Initiative of Parteš" regarding the project "Supporting local cultural-artistic societies with funds for traditional costumes in Parteš".veshjet partesh 1

Within this project, 20 Serbian traditional costumes were produced by the local artisans based on local techniques. The project which has started in December 2014 was implemented by NGO "Youth Initiative Parteš" and is funded by Sweden through Cultural Heritage without Borders. Based on this agreement, the garments manufactured from now on will be owned by the Municipality of Parteš while they will be in the public service for all interested parties.

20150329_160242_1   20150329_160609

All cultural entities registered and operating in the municipality of Parteš or organized groups of students in the municipality have the right to use traditional costumes for their activities. For that matter, organisations or the relevant school principal must submit a written request and a brief description of the cultural activity at least 3 weeks prior to the Directorate of Culture of the Municipality of Parteš.

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This project has been one of the priorities of the Local Cultural Heritage Plan of Parteš. This plan was drafted by CHwB, the Municipality of Parteš and other central level institutions in the framework of the Program of Local Cultural Heritage Plans 2012-2015.

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Jun 23 - 2015

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