Sep 18 - 2018

Call for application- “Heritage Lab” Workshop

We invite all the interested parties to apply in "Heritage Lab" workshop!

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Heritage Lab workshop aims to gather students from different academic fields such as architecture, cultural heritage, sociology, anthropology and ethnology who are passionate about the cultural heritage of our country and at the same time have the will to learn how to preserve and interpret it.

Heritage Lab will offer the students the opportunity to listen to lectures by foreign and local experts in the field of:
1. Conservation - Revitalization of Historic Buildings;
2. Storytelling and Signage.
In addition to lectures, students will be doing practical/field work through which they will learn the methods of conservation of historic buildings, revitalization according to modern needs and interpretation of cultural heritage. The field work will be carried out at the Mill of Frrok Dokiqi which eventually will be conserved-revitalized, and Letnicë village which through Storytelling and Signage will be interpreted for the public.

Heritage Lab workshop will be held from 10-22 October in the village of Letnicë in Kosovo.


Download the Application form!

Please complete this form in full, by computer or by hand, and print clearly in black ink. The application form can be submitted no later than October 30th2018, via email [email protected], or in the printed form at CHwB Kosova, Rr. Idriz Gjilani, Hyrja 4 - Nr. 40, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo. When submitting the application via email, please write in the subject line “Application for Heritage Lab workshop (Name Surname)”.
For any additional information needed regarding the workshop, please contact us at [email protected], or phone number +38349545455 / +38344268952.

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