Apr 16 - 2018

Call for application- Third edition of Heritage Space


When we think about heritage, we think about something that has withstood time to tell us a story. It can be a building from centuries ago, an intricate mosaic from another civilization, an ancient song or any manmade creation transcending the ruthlessness of time. As such, what we know as heritage was not always heritage. Once it was new. It was the pride and joy of an artist who just finished a masterpiece. The glory of a builder who carved rocks to make buildings. It was the child of a creative mind.

The connection between heritage and creativity was severed once heritage became something to be cherished and preserved. Yet, the connection they once shared is a well where the inspired go to drink. Through the third installment of Heritage Space, we want to RECONNECT heritage and creativity in order to create together once more. We want to relive, rediscover and re-experience. To connect heritage and artists back together. To RECONNECT.

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RECONNECT HERITAGE will offer artists space where they can revive historical buildings, retell forgotten stories and rediscover cultural tourism. For more information about the supported creative fields of the RECONNECT edition of Heritage Space read: Application fields of the third edition of Heritage Space

For more information about the method of application, read the Application guideline, and complete the Application Form  until May 6, 2018.


During the two years of the project, the platform of Heritage Space has been created to support eighteen creative individuals from various fields as they used their spark to shine a new light to creations from the past. Works were created using the mediums of fashion, technology, music, storytelling, video and adaptive reuse, allowing cultural heritage to be viewed through a new and contemporary approach. This platform will enable members and artists of different creative fields to use cultural heritage as a source of inspiration and to create new works through which cultural heritage can transcend the limitations of time and can be reinvented, promoted and relived. It creates new connections between creators, society, and heritage, and elevates cultural heritage to the status of an irreplaceable well for economic, social and cultural development in Kosovo.

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Apr 16 - 2018

Application fields of the third edition of Heritage Space

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