Oct 19 - 2011

Training Course in Dranoc (8-17 November)

rotecting our common European heritage
Beledije – the 1st regional cultural heritage facility in the Balkans


“From Inventory to Recognition”
(8- 17 November 2011)


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The 2nd Beledije Training Course is designed to support the capacity building of institutions on the inventory, documentation, evaluation and recognition of built heritage. For these stakeholders, the course concept is focussing on know-how transfer that will upgrade and strengthen awareness and understanding of the basic and fundamental procedures related to international standards for including monuments in national listings.
The 2nd Beledije Training Course is addressed to Western Balkans management dealing with cultural heritage within national governments, municipalities, universities and local communities. Students are part of this target group. The total number of selected applicants will not exceed16.
Participants will follow a schedule combining theory – through lectures and presentations by international and local experts – with actual documentation works supervised by architects, urban planners and archaeologists on a vernacular monument in the historical center of Dranoc/Drenovac. Study tours will be organized in the surrounding area, for an on the spot visit of the variety of monuments.

The objective of the 2nd Beledije Training Course is to ensure the development and sustainability of expertise in the field of cultural heritage management and conservation in the Western Balkan region. In this respect, the course purpose is to:
•Contribute to building a theoretical and hands on platform of common understanding for participants from Western Balkans;
•Introduce mechanisms and appropriate tools for management and preservation of cultural heritage;
•Promote the international charters and conventions that formalize preservation and integration of culture heritage into the local development;
•Strengthen the role of local communities as active stakeholders on the identification and preservation of heritage values;
•Fix the steps from inventory and documentation to the recognition and listing of monuments.

Course structure
The 2nd Beledije Training Course will implement 7(seven) modules:
1.Contemporary concepts of conservation – Evolution of conservation theory ;
2.Urban Conservation issues;
3.World Heritage and Management;
4.Surveying, documentation, presentation, recognition of monuments;
5.Legislative framework related to all steps from inventory to recognition;
6.Preventive intervention;
7.Traditional building materials and techniques.
Course locations
•Kulla e Mazrekajve in Dranoc/Drenovac (Kosovo) located in the western part of Kosovo between Gjakova/Djakovica and Peja/Pec.
•Beledije, the 1st Regional Cultural Heritage Centre in the Balkans, located in Prizren (Kosovo), within the historical core of the city.

Allowances and Accommodation
Daily allowances will cover meals, accommodation and transport. Participants will stay at the Kulla e Mazrekajve in Dranoc/Drenovac and Kulla e Rame Zyberit in Junik .

Documents required for application

•Signed Application Form through e-mail
•CV (indicating relevant experience in cultural heritage).
•Motivation letter (maximum one page describing main skills, motivation, expectations from the course, plan to apply and share the knowledge to be acquired).
•Signed letter of support from a supervisor confirming leave of absence from work for the duration of the course

All applicants should send their applications by Monday 31 October 2011 at 16.00’.
The course language is English, and all applications should be submitted in English.

For more information about Beledije at:
For information about Prizren, please visit: http://www.inyourpocket.com/kosovo/prizren.
Application process
All documents and other information must be submitted by e-mail to
[email protected]
The results of the application process will be announced on 2 November 2011, leaving participants time to prepare for the two-week course. Participants should reach Dranoc/Drenovac on 7 November, latest by 17.00’. Lectures will begin on 8 November, 2011.
The “Beledije Certificate” will reward the participants that will follow the course and will be assessed by the trainers.
This is an event you will regret missing!

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