May 17 - 2013

Update: Competition Results – Design Ideas Competition – Apply now!


Design Ideas Competition for the connection of Vushtrri cultural heritage sites: Stone Bridge, Hamam of Ali Bey and Old Castle

The area of intervention is the old core of the city of Vushtrri, which has organic and winding streets, nodes and clusters within the urban fabric and elements of original materials. The cultural heritage sites, Stone Bridge, Hamam of Ali Bey and Old Castle sit isolated in their islands. Their presence and influence in the city cannot be felt and understood in the ground level any more. There is obviously a broken connection between the past and the present.

The monuments and sites are not accessible by people, except the Stone Bridge where access is provided by a restaurant. These sites are not open to public, but at the same time they are not accessible for disabled people (uneven surfaces, no ramps, etc.). The cultural heritage sites are not social and economical sustainable as they are not used, meaning the local community does not benefit from them.

The aim of the competition is to connect the past and the present of Vushtrri City and to protect and reanimate the connection of the city’s fabric so the cultural diversity and new developments will strengthen the city’s sense of age and continuity.

For more information, please download the document below:

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Deadline for applications is 15.06.2013

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