Jan 22 - 2013

US Ambassador Jacobson and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Mr. Krasniqi visited Vushtrri castle and Vushtrri Hamam


On Thursday, January the 17th , CHwB had the pleasure to host at Vushtrri Castle and Hammam, the U.S. ambassador of Pristina, Ms. Tracey Jacobson, minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mr. Memli Krasniqi and the Mayor of Vushtrri , Mr Bajram Mulaku.

CHwB is currently implementing an U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Culture Preservation for projects “Preservation and protection of Vushtrri castle” and “Conservation and Restoration of Vushtrri Hamam”.

Both projects are being implemented with the main goal to reuse both buildings, where the local community will also benefit in social and economic aspect. Both projects are implemented by CHwB in partnership with Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and the Municipality of Vushtrri.

The General Secretary of CHwB, Ms. Margareta Husen, expressed, in the name of CHwB, appreciation of the partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Vushtrri and the American embassy. “We are all working together in the important cultural heritage sector. Cultural heritage is an excellent resource to strengthen democracy and human rights, reconciliation and socioeconomic development. Cultural heritage is also a right in itself. Today here in Vushtrri we have seen very good examples of cultural heritage as an example for sustainable local development with participation from the municipality and surrounding community and job creation. CHwB is active all over the Western Balkans and when we stand here at the Hamam of Vusthrri, I also see possibilities of linking hamams in different countries to each other. CHwB is also working with two hamams in Albania namely in Gjirokastra and in Kruja. It would certainly be useful to exchange ideas between these hamams and learn from each other, for conservation and revitalization purposes., said Ms. Margareta Husen.


The Ambassador of the United States of America in Pristina, Ms. Tracey Jacobson pointed out that her state is very proud to assist such projects in Kosova “It’s a very beautiful Hammam. We were also at the Fortress, and for five months I have been in Kosova, I have noticed that this country has a very rich cultural heritage. With the help of people in general, and all ethnic groups, we should work together on protecting all monuments. I know that the respective project is more or less difficult, and it’s a fragile work, but success will not lack. There is a need for a very good collaboration between Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Cultural Heritage without Borders, Embassy, and I am looking forward to see a successful completion of this project”.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Mr. Krasniqi acknowledged that cultural heritage has been and will remain a central priority of this Ministry. He congratulated CHwB for the implementation of these two projects and their professional work so far. Among others, M. Krasniqi stated that “With the support and work carried out, by experts and expertise developing in Kosova, especially by new generations, in the coming years we will achieve not only to be competitors in the region in terms of cultural heritage preservation and presentation, but we will become a country which will be a key address of the region and Southeast Europe within the frame of cultural heritage’.

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