Heritage Space IV

COHË / Artistic works with ‘cohë’ / Fitore Berisha

Jul 30 - 2020

Over a period of time, besides working with painting, Fitore has increased her interest to further develop her practice, laying her artistic expression into various mediums by experimenting more with the applied arts. Finally, she started a new journey of artistic experimentation by immersing herself in the method of wool processing, in order to create a stronger connection with it and the opportunities it offers.

For two months, Fitore Berisha has worked closely with Afrim Lata, a Peja based ‘qeleshepunues’ (wool craftsman), to get more familiar with the process of wool-craft up until the molding of ‘qeleshe’ (traditional cloth). Thus, she has reimagined and reinterpreted a handcraft process which has been consistent in its development for a long time. As a result, the presented works will display ‘cohë’ which in this case is cut, sewn, molded, dyed and interweaved with her artistic expression.

COHË means soft wool, which when processed thin creates a material/fabric.

This project has been realized as part of the #HeritageSpace platform which is implemented by CHwB Kosovo. This activity is part of the “Inter-Community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation” project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Kosovo) and financed by the European Union Kosovo Instrument for Peace and Stability (IcSP / EU) and the Swedish Government.

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