Conservation and restoration of wall paintings and wooden decoration in Hadum Mosque, Gjakova

Aug 22 - 2009

In 2008 Cultural Heritage without Borders signed a contract with UNESCO for the restoration and conservation of wall paintings and wooden decoration in the Hadum Mosque in Gjakova.

The first activities in the implementation of the first UNESCO funded project in Kosovo began at the end of March 2008. The process started after insuring the cooperation and understanding of the Islamic society of Gjakova and the local community about the forthcoming works in their building. From pre-project preparation, and throughout the documentation and damage analyses, CHwB established the team of conservators that would complete the project, thus contributing to the capacity building of local expertise, as the team members come from different local institutions.

Painting conservation and restoration was implemented by the two international experts: Nihad Cengic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Eliza Stefanini from Italy. The conservation and restoration of wooden decorative elements was implemented Tody Cesar from U.S. In both cases the senior experts were supported by six local junior experts. Project was implemented during March 2008 to April 2009 and costed 115.000 EURO