Glavičica Etno Fest

Apr 08 - 2016

During the summer of 2015, in the municipality of Parteš/Partesh for the first time was held “Glavičica Etno Fest”. Under this project, a series of activities were held, such as: art colony, exhibitions of old artifacts, literary evenings, etc. After successful completion of the project and taking into account that this activity has revived the cultural life of this small municipality inhabited by Serbian community, the project is planned to be established as annual traditional activity.

Images from Glavičica Etno Fest 2015

Project description

This 6 month project is focused in various entrepreneurship, promotional and educational activities in Municipality of Parteš/Partesh. The project will be linked to  archaeological site of Glavičica, which is a multi-layered site with cultures of prehistoric settlement from the Neolithic culture of Starçevo (5000 BC) replaced by the remains of the Bronze Age settlement. Today in the site, there are the remains of XIV century St. Saviour church with the necropolis of XIII-XVII century.

The Municipality of Parteš/Partesh is particularly concerned to promote the existing archaeological site of Glavičica since it is considered as a most sacred place of this municipality and the region. Additionally, it will serve as a good example of cultural tourism potential and a focus point of education on cultural heritage.

The project will contribute to the increasing of the youth non-formal education regarding the diversity of of cultural heritage of Kosovo, including empowering women representatives in Parteš/Partesh municipality through cultural tourism activities. Overall, the project will enhance promotion of local cultural and natural heritage of Parteš/Partesh. Various sets of activities will be organized around “Glavičica Etno Fest 2016” aiming to establish this festival as a traditional festival in this municipality.

Overall objective

Promotion of cultural heritage as a development tool in the community

Expected Results

1. Increased knowledge of youth of Parteš/Partesh for the diversity of cultural heritage of Kosovo

2. Creating conditions for empowering women representatives of Municipality of Parteš/Partesh and their self-employment in the field of cultural tourism

3. Promotion of municipal brand and cultural tourism of Parteš/Partesh through traditional event “Glavičica Etno Fest”