Prishtina International Summer University 2010

Aug 22 - 2010

Prizren, often referred to as the Cultural capital city of Kosovo, is also one of the cities richest in cultural heritage in the Balkans. The rich mosaic with old buildings, mosques, churches, tekkes, traditional houses, archaeological localities, and spiritual monuments gives the meaning to the social and religious traditions and ways of life of the town.

In addition to religious edifices, Prizren’s cultural assets also comprise numerous traditional vernacular dwellings, constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries. These buildings’ architectural and urban characteristics enable us to understand the evolution of function and development of construction, and play a vital role in the architectural expression of Prizren. A number of them have already been documented while considerable number are still waiting to be surveyed.

This precious treasure of Prizren was put in the spotlight, through the project ‘Traditional architecture and documentation methods’. The aim of this project is to improve the capacity of professionals and students involved in the recording of valuable assets of vernacular cultural heritage of Kosovo, and which, as live research and education projects, contribute to the overall process of documentation and promotion of national heritage buildings.

This project was implemented through the successful collaboration between CHwB, Institute for Protecting Monuments in Prizren, University of Prishtina- Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture – Architecture Department and Prishtina International Summer University.