Restoration and conservation of the Saint Saviour church in Prizren

Aug 22 - 2010

This Church is situated in Prizren, in the most scenic part of Nënkalaja quarter. It belongs to the Eastern Orthodox heritage and it was built in the beginning of the XIV century (the Chapel) and in XX century (the walls of the church).

Photo credit: Database of Cultural Heritage of Kosovo:


In 2010 CHwB has signed an agreement of cooperation with “Patrimoine Sans Frontieres”, while in June of 2010 assumed the implementation of restoration and conservation works, based on the restoration program. The process of restoration lasted from June 2010 until the beginning of September 2010. This project was managed by UNESCO, respectively funded by the French and German governments during the Donors’ Conference for Kosovo, held in Paris in 2005.

The works performed at this facility were of the conservation character and always relying on the traditional techniques of processing. The exterior of the Chapel’s brick walls were treated and the wooden constructions mounted inside; while the lead-covered roof had been checked and minor repairs carried out in some parts of it. The perimeter walls of the church were cleaned off the cement and treated with limestone mortar. Some damaged parts were filled with material and techniques similar to the building’s structure while traditional tiles on these walls, which in large extent were absent, were replaced with the new ones in order to protect the walls from precipitation.