Heritage Space IV

‘Those Who Drown Cling to Foam’ / Animated documentary / Urtina Hoxha

Jul 30 - 2020

“Those Who Drown Cling to Foam” is an animated documentary by Urtina Hoxha, which was produced within the fourth edition of Heritage Space.

The animation shows that war can be a solitary experience. Amidst bomb strikes, a woman has her daily battles for food and survival. She roams the empty cityscapes that are disappearing day in and out with each bomb that falls.

This project portrayed certain survival mechanisms that were employed by women in war, in order to take care of their families, surroundings and at the same time to survive. In the utmost creative way these stories were presented as an animation, presenting thereof a visual communication with the audience. We know that digital storytelling in cultural heritage has been recognized as an effective technique for communicating heritage interpretation to the public, and this is of particular importance in Kosovo’s social context as both the war and the digital world are primarily associated and dominated by male” – says Nora Weller, professor at Cambridge University and one of the mentors on Heritage Space’s fifth edition.

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Dec 03 - 2021


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Aug 29 - 2019

Meet the Mentors of the fourth edition of Heritage Space

Four mentors will offer mentoring, consultation and their expertise during the implementation of projects in the fourth edition of Heritage Space. Storytelling & Interpretation Veton Nurkollari – DOKUFEST Artistic Director Erëmirë Krasniqi – Executive Director at Oral History Kosovo Arts & Crafts Sali Shohi – Executive Director at CHwB Kosovo Digital Heritage Leart Zogiani – […]

May 23 - 2019