Alban Morina

Program Manager

Alban Morina is a Project Coordinator of “Cultural Heritage as Human Right” platform at CHwB Kosova and has been engaged at the organisation since 2014. Moreover, he is Project Manager at an EU funded Cross Border Cooperation Project between Kosovo and North Macedonia. Alban has studied architecture and was awarded a Master of Science with merit in Architectural design. He also leads the urban regeneration project of a historic street in Prishtina, soon to serve as “a Model Street” for the whole historic centre of the city. Has a diverse experience in various projects of restoration, spatial planning and management of the cultural heritage field. Alban has participated in various international scientific conferences, the latest one organized by ICOMOS in Sicily, where he presented the education system in the field of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo. Alban is an active member of ICOMOS and Interpret Europe organisation.