Blerta Ismaili

Program Manager

Blerta Ismaili is a cultural manager, sociologist and actress based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Ms. Ismaili is leading the direction and conception of the annual Heritage Space program at Cultural Heritage Without Borders (ChWB) Kosovo. As one of the key local resources operating in the country for cultural production, Heritage Space annually mentors, supports and presents ten new projects. It encourages the cross-pollination between contemporary artists and cultural heritage. Ms. Ismaili coordinated the establishment of the co-creation platform GërrGërr, a collaborative platform between cultural institutions to create new possibilities of interaction with existing heritage sites and discourses in Kosovo. Additionally, Ms. Ismaili is a founding member of PART (workers in art) in Kosovo, a grassroots initiative that brings together researchers, artists, curators and independent practitioners in the field of arts, that analyze and respond to generating adequate cultural policies in Kosovo.